Investment Case

ADES International Holding offers investors an opportunity to capitalize on the oil and gas industry through a differentiated, low-cost business model that has proven resilient in the face of oil market cycles. By specializing in low-price acquisition and operation of legacy “fit-for-purpose” offshore assets, ADES International Holding is able to deliver profitability at lower prices than its competitors. The success of the company’s strategy is in large part driven by its highly skilled, low-cost, largely Egyptian workforce that is backed by an in-house refurbishment and maintenance team with significant technical and engineering capabilities. These factors have allowed the company to deliver work with lower capital and operating expenditures than many of its industry peers and competitors, in-turn facilitating growth through market downturns.

High Quality Clientele Base

ENI, BP and Saudi Aramco


Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, India, KSA, Algeria and Egypt



In-house Refurbishment

of acquired assets with own technical and engineering teams

High Average Utilization Rates

of more than 90%

Focus on Shallow Water

and Non-Harsh Environments

Strong Management Team

with decades of experience under their belt

Our Assets

ADES Group currently operates a fleet of nine jack-up offshore drilling rigs, three onshore drilling rigs, a jack-up barge, and a mobile offshore production unit (“MOPU”), which includes a floating storage and offloading unit.


Onshore Drilling Rigs


Offshore Drilling Rigs


Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU)


Jack-up Barge